Sky Capital LLC
Based in Chestnut Hill, MA

Funds Available for Lending
One-Two-Three Family Homes

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Loans for Existing Homes in Massachusetts Only!
One-Two-Three Family Homes
located in the Greater Boston & Route 128 areas.
Up to 100% Financing based on appraised value!
Origination fee of 3%
Lending Available
Interest Rate 1% per month.
Loans for Existing Homes Only.
First Mortgage Financing.
One-Two-three Family Homes
Up to 100% Financing based on appraised value.
Origination Fee of 3%
Interest Rate 1% per month.
Term of Loan:  6 months with extensions. 
Send Email to [email protected] or
Call 781-489-6282 ext. 15
Sky Capital LLC
email  [email protected]
(781) 489-6282 ext. 15
Company Profile
Our typical customer is a developer who has identified a property in need of an upgrade or repair to create added value, and needs funds to complete the purchase of the property.
We appraise the value of the property in house and if it comps well, we are funding up to 100% of the purchase price. In some cases, we advance money for the upgrades and disburse funds as the work progresses. 

Sky Capital LLC.  We are a Financial Company focused on lending on existing one-two-three family homes.  We are based in Chestnut Hill, MA.  Operating for seven years and we have funded hundreds of deals. 

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Please call and leave us a message.  We will reply within 24-48 hours.
Telephone:   (781) 489-6282 ext. 15
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We reply within 24 hours !